I'm a San Francisco Bay Area artist. My fascination with visual arts began while volunteering in my daughter’s kindergarten clay class. Upon first touch, I fell in love with clay's tactile qualities and limitless potential. I studied and honed my craft in handbuilding clay and bronze sculpture at West Valley junior college, exhibiting in local galleries and art fairs. Seeking professional growth, I earned my BFA from San Jose State University in 2009. My artistic journey has since spanned various mediums including painting, printmaking, collage, and sculpture.

Currently focused on mixed media painting and collage, I'm driven by a continuous exploration of unique surface techniques. I believe that embracing diverse materials leads to unexpected and thrilling creations.

Inspired by my surroundings, I'm particularly drawn to weathered surfaces—flaking paint, peeling paper, and rust. Through layering paint and textures, I meld traces of past and present to blur reality, capturing memories that reveal the depth of time. I employ a diverse range of materials, including acrylics, beeswax, graphite, inks, oils, photo transfers, and collage, to bring my creations to life.